You can float the Frio River. Many times folks ask... can you float the Sabinal River?
The Sabinal River begins above Vanderpool near Lost Maples Natural Area and slowly wanders
southward through the Sabinal Canyon, past Utopia on toward the town of Sabinal. River flow depends on rain fall.
It is a great recreation area: Vacation accommodations, lodging, cabin rental near: Garner State Park,
Concan/Frio River recreation area. The Sabinal River crosses Highway 90 about 60 miles west of San Antonio.

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"Can you float the Sabinal River?"
We hear this question often.

      Taking canoes or tubes down the Sabinal River is possible but not advisable. Most property along the Sabinal is private property.
      Maybe a short trip could be planned from the Highway 187 North crossing to the Utopia city park, but a longer trip to the one of the two bridges south of Utopia on Highway 187 is a little risky.
       If you put in at the crossing of Highway 1050 west of Utopia and get out at the second of the two bridges on Highway 187, it could 8 to 12 hours or more depending on river flow and your individual determination and dexterity. There here is a small waterfall one half mile south of the 1050 bridge which could be dangerous if the river is up. The riverfront is mostly private property. There would be no place to get out of the river and walk back.
      The water level fluctuates with seasons and the amount of rainfall. If the river is low, there may be long stretches where you walk over dry limestone bedrock especially after the first bridge south on Highway 187.
      The river is mostly clear and shaded by giant cypress. There are also live oak, pecan and sycamore trees. Between the two Highway 187 bridges, you won’t see many humans, however you should see wildlife depending on time of day and season. There are several small waterfalls.
      Land owners could be a problem if you leave the river proper or litter along your trip. Please pick up any trash and be kind if you encounter a land owner. There is a possibility that our rivers will one day be CLOSED because of some careless visitors that have not been kind to land owners.
      Be sure that you are prepared if you attempt the trip: cell phone to call friends to pick you up, flashlights in case it gets dark, first aid kit ready for snake bit or chiggers, bug repellent, plenty of drinking water, hats, comfortable shoes, sun screen and what else?

Sabinal, Texas
is the Southwestern entrance to the Texas Hill Country.

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